clocheEvents for 2020 :
The 2 first activities are cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemia.
May 1st to 3th: Tasks for the Opening of the Village and spring retreat preparation. (admission free, obligatory reservation)
May 15th to 18th :4 days retreat with nones and monks from Bluecliff monastery.
June 26th to 27th :Retreat for Inter-Beeing Order members and potential members.
June 11th to 25st: Summer duties : substructure maintenance of the buildings of the Village in mindfulness, a way leading to awakening. (volunteer work, obligatory reservation, suggested donation for food)
July 31st to August 3rd: Retreat for vietnamie sangha.
August 21st to 23rd: Retreat of Intensive workshop of Qi Gong Hông Gia.
September 3rd to 7th: 5 days retreat with the Dharmacaryas of the Village.
October 9th to 12th: 4 days Health retreat with Pháp Lü brother from Plum Village.
October 13th to 17th :Tasks for the closing of the Village (on invitation only).
Meditate is looking deeply in the heart of things.
Thich Nhat Hanh